Over the Edge Adventures Bungee Jumping is a safety first, professional Bungee jumping company/ club/ organization/ band of close adventure and adrenalin seeking friends and family. With just over 20 years of experience in all aspects of Bungee jumping. Our founder (my Dad)  was professionally trained in 1988 by the Father of modern bungee jumping in the New World and the designer of the American-style/ Mil-Spec system ( 1 of the 2 styles in the World). We've been hands on since the beginning, catering to everyone from terrified-first time novice jumpers to seasoned jumpers with hundreds of jumps that wanted a safe, reliable, friendly place to come and practice their favorite sport with a reliable crew at their convenience.

Over the years, we have jumped bridges in 7 States in the EASTERN- U.S., as well as from our hot-air balloon, and from a 200 ft Crane. We also produced "The Bungee Diving Spectacular", a show which toured all of North America for Yrs, in the early 90s. We have SAFELY jumped THOUSANDS of satisfied customers over the years, many of whom still come and jump with us to this day. Today, Over the Edge Adventures has jumped head first-tied to the ankles and safely done a head dip into the 21st century. And at the same time we have returned to our roots - focusing only on bridge jumps, primarily small groups of friends and family that want to experience bungee jumping the way it was meant to be-the way it started: A small group up on on a REALLY HIGH bridge in the mountains, with beautiful scenery 360° degrees all around...

...no standing in line, no taking a number, no rush!- not until your friends start counting down

At that point you may want to rush it...that is if you don't want to hear it from your friends all the way home, and every time you watch the video. :) But that's the way Bungee is meant to be. If you've jumped before but not like this..only at a fair or an amusement park.. or even at one of the pop-up bungee towers or arches at vacation spots on the beach...etc..etc.. Than I highly recommend getting your friends together and clearing a weekend off the calendar and coming out to hang with us, for a day or the whole weekend. And get ready for the time of your life.....

But, first I think it's only fair I tell you a little about our company and our long history with bungee jumping and how we got to where we are today. So I'll start the year we first went Over the Edge...1988... get ready to go--> Over The Edge.....................J.A. ♠
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