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     * All jumps, including bundled package jumps,& extra incentive & Buy 1 get 1 jump offers are Non-transferable to other jumpers or non-jumping friends or family. Thank you for understanding.

     *All jumps must be done on the same date that they are purchased for,  unless the weather forces us
to stop for the day.If that happens you will be permitted to do the remainder of jumps at any other jump that we are doing in the future or in some cases we will schedule a jump to get your group finished.

*All deposits are Non-Refundable
    This is very important!!!!!!
    All deposits are non-refundable! If you back out and do not jump your deposit is forfeited. If the jump is postponed for ANY reason, you will be allowed to come to any  of our other jumps that  we schedule and your deposit will be applied to the cost of that jump
                 Upcoming Jump Dates 
We're scheduling for the weekend of April 28th -29th from our bridge we use up by State College  PA,... If you're interested e-mail us or join our Facebook page and leave us msg there!!! 

The next jump after that that i know of for sure will be May 19th over by Pittsburgh, PA​  This one is 300+ ft high! There are only 12 spots available for this one.​ ------->

And the next one after that, that I know of so far will be in West Virginia, near Beckley
I don't have a date yet for this one. All I know is we are wanting to do it next month
(May) We just decided on going on doing this one. and right now, this is just to see if we can get enough people interested to fill up 2 days. 12 on Saturday & 12 on Sunday. We're not going to schedule or book anyone just yet...but if you think you want in on this be sure to let me know!  It is also 300 ft + IT IS A BEAST!!!..... So If you think you would be interested in doing this one​​​​​​ email us or and I recommend doing it this way for a faster response, join our FaceBook page and send us a msg on there.

This is the bridge in West Virginia It's over 300 ft high. i know it doesn't look it in this Picture...that's because there's nothing in the picture to give it scale..and it is so massive ya can't imagine by looking at it with nothing to compare to!