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   This page I,m just adding on for a couple of reasons,.#1 to put up a list of all of the bungee Companies currently operating here in the U.S.~ along with as much contact info as I have for them. There are no where near the amount of companies left in the country as there used to be. And I often talk to people who have been sarching in vain for a place close to them for quite a while with no luck. So I hope this can be of some use to some of you. I hope that everyone out there who wants to try jumping is able to find somewhere close to them. I even have a complete list of all the jump sites in the world. But that list is just long and extensive to  put on here, So if you are gonna be traveling abroad in the future and want to do something crazy while your there and want to find all the best jumpsites in the area where you will be, just-mail me and I can send you the jump site list for the world or just a list for the country or the area where you will be. There are some jumpites out there that are just out of this world! If you get the chance don't pass it up!! If you're not sure if the place you're going has jumpsites, shoot me out an e~mail and I'll let you know!

   Also this page is to give a shout out to some friends' and acquaintances I've made along the way...and some of them have helped me along the way linking to me and pointing new jumpers my way. Several of them run websites that specialize in finding some of the funnest, craziest shit on the planet to do for a rush and hooking people up with these various companies , clubs & organizations. So if your looking for a specific thrill or activitiy, or looking for some ideas for your next vacation or just for next weekend, Take a few minutes and check out some of these websites !!........J.A.

OK, time to get back to work, I'm gonna start with the U.S. Bungee Co's. now as i said before, there aren't very many of us.
I will be listing ALL REAL BUNGEE Jumping companies in the U.S.  I may decide to include all of North America.
But what I will NOT be including are the "jumps" at amusement parks...ANY jumps in Florida...those are not REAL bungee jumps!! I will go more into that later. but i will be listing the bungee companies that jump BRIDGES!!! I would list other jumps off of say cranes , towers( if they were high enough to be a REAL bungee jump) or from Hot- Air Balloons..only there are NO jumps like that anymore in the U.S. If you know of a jump that u think should be included, E-mail me and I'll get it in here(if it qualifies!!!)   J.A.
Climbing, rope climbing, ascending and descending and all related activities including bungee jumping and the ascending& descending that must be part of any and all bungee jumps, And also rope swinging or rope jumping
 training can completley guarantee and or eliminate the chO

Climbing, rope climbing, ascending and descending and all related activities including bungee jumping and the ascending& descending that must be part of any and all bungee jumps, And or rope swinging or rope jumping also are inherently dangerous activities that may lead to serious injury or paralysis up to and including a violent death be aware And no amount of care, expertise, or training can completley guarantee thtrainedd been properly tre basics of how the ascencion and decensionained on th