Here is some video from a bridge we use in North Eastern PA Pt.1  and  Pt.2
This is video from one of our bridges here in OH. It's south of Cleveland OH.
A jump music Video shot near Penn State in PA.
Here's another music Video featuring jumps from all over.The highest one is near Akron OH--- 210' ft high
This is the coolest commercial ever made! You may have never seen it, most people haven't. That's because it was only aired about 12 times before being
pulled off the air and banned. Why? ​because a BUNCH of stupid Mothers complained because they feared that their children would see the commercial and go and try to copy  the jump off of the roof or out the window,or off of a bridge.Yeah, pretty frackin stupid! So Reebok pulled the add because of the controversy.But it lives on--- here on the internet for every one to see.Enjoy .......

              Guerilla Bungee Style
              (The only way to go!!!!​)

 ​This is our e-mail if you filled out the contact form,and you you need to talk to somebody about something concerning jumping or have a question that isn't addressed in the website then send  it to this e-mail address and someone will try to get back with you as soon as possible.It may take a little while before you are contacted because as you know we are still closed  for the season and I usually don't check the email on a daily basis but I'll get in touch with you as soon as I can.Please don't email just to ask when the next jump is going to be, because If it's not on the site then than I don't know yet. As soon as we know what bridges and what months we're going to go I'll post it here and on the Facebook page which is a good place to check because the info is all condensed. Thanks for stopping by I look forward to jumping with you this year 2012 !!!

                      Jesse Anderson